Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

A close-up look at today’s top Jump Hour watches. As seen in LA Confidential winter issue. LA Confidential_Winter 2014_Pages 86-87_Time Honored

Easy Timer

Vegas is meant for bikers. And Bikers are meant for great watches. Here we bring you a close-up look at biker watches. As seen in Vegas Magazine, October 2013. Vegas_OCT13_106-109_Watches

Heirlooms with a Twist

Financial Whizzes are discovering a new generation of pocket watches. Read all about today’s pocket watches. As seen in Gotham Magazine, October 2013. Pocket Watches

Omega & Golf, IW 2012

Omega has partnered with the Professional Golfers’ Association of America and become the official timer of the PGA Grand Slam. Omega has been timing Olympic Games and sponsoring sports for more than a century, and golf has for decades been among its most...

Artistic Watch Dials, IW, 2012

Artisans work side by side with watchmakers to create masterpieces on a small canvas. In haute horlogerie, the dial is often a canvas—an expression of beauty and craftsmanship that comes together in a functional product. And there are many types of art found on dials...

Omega, London Olympics, IW 2012

This summer’s London 2012 Olympic Games marks the 25th time Omega has served as the Official Timekeeper, and with that, the brand unveils several cutting edge innovations. 2012 is the year the brand has served as the official timekeeper for the Games for the...